Established in 2000, Platinum Sound Recording Studios is an elite mixing and recording facility located in the heart of Times Square, New York City.


Our goal is to provide our clients with a next-level studio experience. We focus on cutting-edge sound quality, productivity and privacy, providing our clients with an environment that inspires and nurtures their creativity. No matter the artist or project, we are wholly dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality of sound.

Platinum Studio J

Studio J is a remarkable sounding room that features an 80 channel Solid State Logic 9000J with Ultimation and Total Recall, custom 3-way Augsperger main monitor system, Yamaha NS-10’s, Pro Tools HD, and a variety of the latest plugins and vintage and industry standard outboard gear. The live room attached is a moderately sized wooden space. great for capturing tight drum sounds and excellent for tracking vocals for both performance and voice over sessions, and acoustic instruments.

Platinum Sounds’ Studio K hosts the only 80 channel Solid State Logic XL9000K in New York with Ultimation and Total Recall, custom Augspurger/TAD main monitor system with dual 18″ JBL subs, Yamaha NS10’s, and Pro Tools HD. The 9000K is 5.1 capable, perfect for overdubbing, ADR, pre and post-production. The spacious live room features our Yamaha C7 concert grand piano, and is perfect for ensembles while the acoustics provide for great open-sounding drums.

Platinum Recording Studio K
Platinum Recording Studio K

The Penthouse is the ideal production room for writing sessions, video editing sessions and recording vocals. Complete with a digital Yamaha 02R multi-purpose console, Dynaudio monitors, vocal booth, Protools HD, Final Cut Pro, SSL Super Analog Channel Strip, and a large variety of the latest plug-ins.